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All things have coordinates All things have intelligence
2017-05-05 09:09    hits:1000

At 2 p.m of May 14, 2017, Wu Zhiyong, the CEO of Shenzhen AXAET Technology Co,. Ltd, shared with the members of Alibaba in Guanian area about his business development plan of his company-- Good Management of Humanity, Good Development of Business in Alibaba sharing session. The sharing session lasted for 3 hours, focusing on three points which involves the development which involves the development law, the development process and the development core of a company. Wu deeply analyzed what the difficulty of process an enterprise will encounter and what an excellent entrepreneur should be. 

 He believed that the development of a company is supported by the firm and tough leader and united team, besides, the most important core is that a successful company should keep up with the trend of the time, especially for the foreign trader. What’s more, he suggested that the dividend period for population-intensive industries developing in China have gone,it’s time to grasp the opportunity and develop the technology industry.

At the meeting, Wu putted forward the concepts that "All things have coordinates, and all things have intelligence" and “Without walking, you can go to the destination you want, without thinking, you can know what others mean” ,which arose member’s interest and sparked discussion.

At present, the product of AXAET have achieved the concept "All things have coordinates, and all things have intelligence". On one hand, the connecting between smart phone and smart switch or smart socket shows the possibility of “All things have intelligence”. And on the other hand, the location of things can be achieved by remote control of Bluetooth gateway and the triangulation location function, which reflects “All things have coordinates”. At present, the sensing, analyzing, computing, processing, controlling of system of intelligent technology is using for the areas of smart life, smart security, smart park and indoor navigation and other related fields.

At the meeting, from the "humanity" point of view, Wu reckoned that as an entrepreneur, he should keep altruism as a core theory of business development. He believed that people use IQ to make money by considering "How to get someone else's money into their own pocket."However, now, to make money in a wisdom way, you should put your products to customers in a casual way to influence their habits, then they will give money to you of their own accord. To be a “man” or a “demon”, is decided by whether you’re "altruism" or not. 

    Comparing to the previous sharers who are passionate to promote their successful experiences, Wu shared his view in a rational way, he call upon people to think about the origin of human nature and the laws of universe. It is thoughtful, advancing, and far-reaching for he to put forward a concept that people can’t see in three-dimensional space.

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