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Shenzhen AXAET Technology Co.,Ltd was established in March 2009, with the registered capital of 5.5 million yuan Our company is one of the high-tech enterprises which integrates research and development, design, production and sales. Headquartered in one of the nine key parks in Shenzhen Baoeng Science and Technology Park.

AXAET team has a total of 50 members led by general managers of rich knowledge and experience research and development team, senior domestic and international sales elite team. Administrative public relations departments. Strong technical force, innovation ahead.

Strength and advantage

Talent advantage
The company has a highly educated, deep professional knowledge and practice of experienced research and development team. The company's general manager and manager are experts with rich professional experience and management experience, and other major R & D personnel also have many years of industry experience, accumulated a wealth of work experience.

Market advantage
Since the establishment of the Company, in the surrounding intelligent hardware and services, the accumulation of a large number of practical experience, the domestic after years of marketing, has a high visibility and dependability, the full set of technology implementation and technology market, Will soon get the market and the user's identity.

Management advantage
The company's core management are intelligent hardware research and development and e-commerce and computer technology experts, they were as general manager of the company, R & D director, responsible for technology and market development. In order to maintain the development of high-quality product system, the company adopted a strict protection and management system, to provide customers with comprehensive services.

branded advantages
The company by virtue of data algorithms, BLE anti-lost positioning navigation technology, ibeacon, Eddystone protocol communication, combined with customer feedback data accumulation in the country has a considerable reputation. In the country, the company entered the LBS related technology earlier in the industry to establish a good reputation. The company has always insisted on using the industry's advanced technology to ensure that the company's products with the technology forward-looking.

Mechanism advantage
The company adopted a series of measures to attract the core staff to serve the company, through the company's efforts in the past few years so that the majority of the technical backbone in Shenzhen to provide car, housing supplement, so that they live and work in the company and the rapid growth of employees not only to the company There is sense of belonging, and there is pride in business.

Technical advantages
With its many years of experience in intelligent hardware development and integration of existing e-commerce and location-based services, the company integrates fictional marketing, large data, LBS and other concepts and technologies ahead of other companies.


To be safe and happy. Healthy signals are passed on to the world for human vision.

To quality, efficiency, integrity for the idea.

To the moral concept, team spirit, innovation and creation as the core values.

Is committed to improving human convenience, intelligent,

healthy way of life as their responsibility to provide intelligent,

environmental protection, security in one of the intelligent hardware and system platform.

Company's product

The current products related to intelligent life, wisdom and safety, wisdom and health-related areas, indoor positioning navigation, information data collection push, analysis and so on.

The company will focus on the development of micro-credit platform, the real realization of people and things, between objects and things interoperability, argumentation "all things are coordinates, all things are spiritual" theoretical basis.

The company offers a full range of scenario application solutions based on a variety of needs. As well as a series of programs supporting the implementation of equipment.

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Foreign Trade Ali Station: https: //axaet.en.alibaba.com/