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Model:Smart Socket US-1


Load Power: lower than 2000W

Static Power Consumption: lower than 0.03W

Operating Voltage: 90V-250V

Operating frequency: 50Hz- 60Hz

Relative humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing

Maximum height: 5000 meters (16400 feet)

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Product Details

 An obedient socket, a wonderful housekeeper in your life

 It takes only  3  seconds to make your home intelligent.

voice control丨timing control丨gesture control

voice control    Remote control     Timing control    BLE technology     Anti-static design     Fire retardant       Standard size

      Voice control,just a word can easily control it.    

Laying in my warm bed in cold winter, I don’t want to get up to turn off the light, who can help me?

With the socket, you just need to talk to your smartphone—a command can turn on and turn off the light!

Rotation controls,getting away from darkness

Energy-saving,safe, convenient, intelligent and fashionable, it can bring you a better life.

setting timing control,have regular meals everyday

Setting time control, having meals regularly

Having a date with "time" before work, you can have meals on time after work! Time saving, energy saving!

The manual button, turning off the power

The use of computer flame retardant materials can effectively prevent leakage and static electricity.

A button preventing overcharge

Effectively prevent overcharge and prolong the life of electrical equipment and battery.

of electrical equipment and batteries

A button preventing overcharge

Effectively prevent overcharge and prolong the life of electrical equipment and battery.

The switch is quantifiable,

which is saving energy and electricity.

Do you know how much the volt, current, power factor and quantity

of electricity you run?


Low power consumption, environmental-protection

Energy-saving and environment-friendly, it is better than WIFI smart socket.


Safe and healthy Bluetooth technology

Low power consumption and low radiation, the Bluetooth devices can bring you safe and healthy family life.

Exquisite appearance

Occupying little space, the socket is small , fashionable and easy to carry.

Well-designed standard size

 The socket is perfectly suitable for various occasions. Do you love it? Take it home now!

Simple operation, just three steps

                        Download                        Register your account,                     Add success,

                                Ahome APP                     turn on Bluetooth, add device          start using                   


                                 Product parameters   

Item name: Smart Socket 
Item No:US-1
Product color: black, white     
Transmission distance: 50 meters (open)
Rated voltage: 110V-240V /50Hz  
Rated power: 2000W
Size: 100*60*43(mm)
Shell material: ABS fire
Product certification: FCC, ROHS  
Product weight: 66.2g
Operating temperature: -20 - 60 ℃

Bluetooth smart socket operation video