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Model:Bluetooth Receiver


Model number: PC097-BT

Bluetooth chip: TI CC2640

Working voltage: 100V-240V / 50Hz

Rated power: <2000W

standby power consumption:

WProduct weight: 27.8 (g)

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Product Details

Hide your home switch

power switch terminator   Bluetooth intelligent control box

Electrical management is so simple

Thousands of miles away electrical management at your fingertips, a key control,

enjoy the wisdom of life

Have you ever come across such trouble?

When you are lying in your warm bed in winter, you need to turn on or turn off the lights,

will it be inconvenient for you?

Smart timing, open a comfortable life

Set the automatic timer switch,Clost in the morning 1-2 oclock when deep sleep,Open at light

sleep, not only energy saving, but also comfortable all night long.

Regularly open the water heater every day and before going to bed  to ensure

that there is hot  water

Voice control,All obey your command

In the background set the switch on/off key words,you can control the electrical

opening by your voice.

Gesture control, do not feel at dark night

Mobile phone rotation 90 °can start and stop the light, no longer black night, the elderly

children can easily operate.

Power monitoringthe energy saving is easy see

Direct connection, eliminating the power loss caused by switching power supply,

you can know how much electricity every day by your cellphone,

Environmentally friendly and durable,Bluetooth

0 radiation Bluetooth control is safe and without radiation, the shell is V0 grade

flame retardant PC material,anti-oxidation, never fade.There are pregnant women,

baby's family can also be assured to use

Bluetooth Device No Radiation  More Secure Give you

a healthy life

Multiport Control, Every Mobile is a Remote Control

One mobile can control multiple Bluetooth Devices, while multiple mobiles can also

control one Bluetooth Device. When multiple users are connected, it still works smoothly.


Bluetooth connection,bid farewell to the network shackles

No matterAndroid or IOS phone, download APP and Bluetooth connect

to control the device.Aslong as you open the phone Bluetooth can control,

there will be no poor network control failure.

                                                                          Download                                                  Register your account,turn                                  Add success,

                                                                           Ahome APP                                              on Bluetooth, add device                                      start using    




Product parameters   

Brand: Bluetooth Box 
Model Number: PC097

Bluetooth chip:TI CC2640

Working distance: 50 meters (in open area) 

Working voltage: 100V-240V /50Hz

Rated power: 2000W    

standby power consumption: 0.03W

Working temperature:-20℃—80    

Product color: white

Shell material:PC + ABS  

 Product Size: 87.8*39.0*23.2mm

Product weight: 27.8g